Jacquard Webbing

More about the Jacquard webbing process

The process called Jacquard weaving means that it is possible with most looms to create the raising of warp threads separately from each other. So there is a much increased versatility when it comes to the weaving process. It allows for very high levels of yarn control. The Jacquard webbing method is named after the inventor, Joseph Marie Jacquard. It is without doubt one of the most significant weaving inventions because the Jacquard process meant it was possible for the production automatically of many different weaving patterns. The term “Jacquard” isn’t specifically limited to a particular weaving loom, but it rather suggests the added controlling mechanisms that automate the patterns. This method can be utilized for knitwear and machine-knitted textile patterns like jerseys.

Jacquard Webbing Manufacturers

Finding Easy Money-Making Schemes That Work

Money making schemes

Let me start this post by saying that if you want to make lots of money by driving traffic to your site from Google, you gotta be number 1 in the search results! Period. OK number 2 or 3 is still not bad, but anything less than that is going to earn you anything from peanuts to nothing.

I forget the exact stats now, but the number one position on Google gets something like 42% of the clicks, 12% for position 2, 8% for position 3, and dropping rapidly as you go down the page. If your site is not getting into the top 3, you might as well pack it in and try sweeping streets for a living! I know this sounds daunting, but actually it’s not as hard as you think. The key, as all the courses will tell you, is finding the right keywords to go after.

Try this. Search in Google using the keywords “make money”. Millions of results. How hard do you think it is to rank for these words. In short VERRRRRRY hard. Actually impossible unless you have a massive budget and a fantastic product to make all the millions back that you just spent getting to number 1.

But if you tried “ways to make money in California”, you may have an excellent chance of getting into the top 3 positions in the search results, provided of course you did all the other things right. It’s true that there are far less searches for that specific term, but there is also far fewer other sites competing for that keyword. If you have a good answer to the question in the search term, and you follow a few simple rules (and you are not in a big hurry, like you have to make $1000 today), you could have a winner. I’m happy to say I have found a scheme that is both easy and actually makes money!

To most of us starting out, Google is like some untouchable monster that answers to no one and seems to do its best to stop the little guys like you and me from getting our sites ranked. But really, Google is a fantastic tool that can work extremely well for you if you do things right. And you know what the key is? Don’t try to “out-clever” Google. You will come off second best, I promise. There are thousands of very, very clever people working there writing ever more clever algorithms that will see through dirty tricks that try to fool the search engines. And in the next post, I will talk about how to get Google to like you.

Quick Ways To Make Money – Are There Any?

How to make money

All of us have punched the above words (or variations of them) into Google right? And we’ve all seen the millions of results coming back promising millions if you just pay them $47 or more. So how do you choose. Well you could, like most of us, just buy every program you see and try them out. Chances are you’ll end up spending more than you’ll ever make with this method.

Have you noticed how so many of them say quick or fast or now in the description? That’s because they know most people are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme. More money for less effort. They prey on people who want the lazy way out. Don’t be one of those people, please! Don’t fall for every sales pitch you see no matter how good it sounds. Do some homework, be a little patient and you’ll find some real gems out there. I can honestly say some of the most useful courses I have bought cost around $7 to $9! I really mean that. These are not necessarily full easy money-making schemes as such, but are often a particular technique for, let’s say, getting traffic, or high Google ranking, or YouTube promotions. Over the course of my posts, I will tell you how to find these gems.

The basic structure of most of the courses you will find online are as follows…

  • Find a niche where there is a lot of searches with little competition
  • Find an affiliate product to promote
  • Build a website or blog with your affiliate link on it
  • Drive lots of traffic to your website and encourage them to click on your link and hopefully buy the product.

That’s really it in a nutshell. There will be lots of variations on this of course, like some will say you don’t need a website, or tell you how to create your own product to sell, and so on. But essentially, most courses will be broadly based on the above.

Seems simple right? In its basic form, it works. If you follow each step successfully, you will make money. The problem is, of course, is that there are millions of internet marketers doing exactly the same thing, and the trick is to rise above the crowd and be at the top of search results every time.

In the next post, I’ll start homing in on where to find great courses that will tell you exactly, step by step easy ways to make money online.

Easy Money-Making Schemes

Making Money Schemes

I’m sure everyone has seen headlines like the one above, right? So the question is, do they exist? Amazingly enough, yes they do! The difficult part is finding them, and having the discipline to do them.

I started dabbling in promoting affiliate programs about ten years ago and, like thousands of others, bought one product after another, all claiming  to be the answer to everyone’s prayers. Sound familiar? Yes I’m sure almost everyone reading this blog will have experienced the same thing.

So, like everyone else, I wondered where could I look to get honest advice. Who do you trust? Are all the people selling how-to-make-money courses downright liars, or are there some that actually work?

Well, to my surprise, there are some easy money making schemes that work! The trick was to figure out which ones.

Actually what I found was that in fact most of the programs I bought could actually work. The real problem was that very few people stick with them long enough to give them a chance to work. Be honest, how many programs have you bought that you have done exactly what the course says, to the letter, and long enough to give it a chance to work? Very few people do. I know. I was one of them. There was always a new scheme popping up that promised even greater riches, quicker and easier.

What I also discovered, as I’m sure most of you have, is that many of them are selling the exact same methods, often disguised as something different.  In fact with many of them, I am convinced they spent 90% of their time creating the sales page, and 10% creating the product! I mean some of the sales pages, and in particular, the sales videos are fantastic, offering “proof” that you can make gazillions of dollars every day for 5 minutes work. I also found that the bigger the promise in the sales pitch, the more disappointed I was in the product.

But anyway, I could go on whinging for hours, and that’s not going to help anybody, least of all me. So in all my blog posts after this one, I will be focussing mostly on good news – tips to help you get going if you are a newbie, and advanced tips if you have been going for a while and may be struggling a bit. Okay, see you in the next post.